A Passion for Story

It is truly an honor every time I get to listen to someone’s story and craft it into narrative. I love my work!
— Linda Hamilton


My grandparents died before I could hear their stories. Sure, I heard snippets, how my granddaddy dared to leave the farm in Tennessee in his prized and hard-earned Model T Ford. How he drove across plains and along the contours of mountains to Colorado where he met Edna, his bright, future wife, who taught in a one-room schoolhouse. I watched grandma Bessie grin like a child recounting the chickens and cows they kept behind their cottage in the Russian shtetl. But I never asked her about the pogrom that took her sister’s life and gave her the bullet-grazed scar on the back of her hand, about her journey to Ellis Island.

I could have really used these stories when I was younger, exploring who I was and where I belonged in this world. I don’t want others to miss out on this. Now, as an experienced writer and interviewer, that is part of my mission with Stories to Last.


The other part of that mission is to craft stories that keep you reading, make you nod and smile, think, feel, and maybe even transform.

A well-told story can sometimes make all the difference!

I discovered the joy of writing stories when I was six years old and have been doing it in one way or another ever since. I write every day. Landing on just that right word or sensory detail, understanding a well-placed comma, conducting language on the page as if it’s music, for me that’s exciting stuff!

Along my own twisting and bending journey, it’s been pretty exciting to become an award-winning author of my own books. You can check out my other creations at LindaParkerHamilton.com.


I started Stories to Last in 2007 and have produced over 30 books, as well as other related products, including timelines, videos, posters, event programs, board bios and more. The books and content I write are deeply personal and completely customized.

I’ve been fortunate to witness many times the incredible value for both the storytellers (articulating, reflecting, sharing) and for their readers (inspiration, connection, understanding, growth).

My mission is to make stories accessible, relevant, and riveting, and to save them before they’re gone, creating legacies and treasures in the process. For businesses, I want to help you make heroes out of your customers and staff, to tell your story well so you can live it well.

It’s an honor and a privilege to work intimately with individuals, families, organizations, and businesses to create Stories to Last.

Even when it’s not pretty or perfect. Even when it’s more real than you want it to be.
Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own.
— - Michelle Obama, Becoming

Linda Hamilton
Founder, Author, Storyteller, Publisher

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“I’ve just read Picked Off The Cherry Tree
and am doubly impressed by my friend’s memory and life, and Linda’s skill in its presentation. The book certainly triggered a flood of memories for me. Thanks to you both for whom you are and what you’ve done for the legions of ‘Hambone’ admirers.”

—Sandy Hay • Cupertino CA