Preserving history,
one story at a time


I’ve always loved hearing and writing stories. Stories define and connect us. I believe in the incredible value of both the telling (articulating, reflecting, sharing) and the reading of personal stories (inspiration, belonging, understanding).

I started Stories to Last in 2006 and have produced over 30 books, as well as many other related products, including timelines, videos, event programs and more. I’m also an award-winning author and a singer.

My mission is to save family stories before they’re gone, to help people leave legacies, and to create books that are treasures for generations. It’s important to me to make your stories accessible by using strong storytelling, authentic voice, historical context, powerful visuals, careful crafting, and professional printing and binding.

The books I write are deeply personal and completely customized. It’s an honor and a privilege to work intimately with individuals, families, organizations, and family businesses to bring these stories to light and make Stories to LAST.


Linda Hamilton
Founder, Biographer & Corporate Historian

It is truly an honor every time I get to listen to someone’s story and help preserve it. These stories inspire and resonate. I love my job!
— Linda Hamilton
Proud Dad - March 14, 1963-1.jpg

“I’ve just read Picked Off The Cherry Tree
and am doubly impressed by my friend’s memory and life, and Linda’s skill in its presentation. The book certainly triggered a flood of memories for me. Thanks to you both for whom you are and what you’ve done for the legions of ‘Hambone’ admirers.”

—Sandy Hay • Cupertino CA