Stories for Families

Whether you’d like to create a book about your own experiences, save the stories of a parent or grandparent, or document your family history, we can help.

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A treasure to last forever

Stories connect multiple generations. They create belonging. They strengthen identity. They inspire, teach, entertain and bring history to life. What greater gift can one give to family members and friends, especially our children and grandchildren?

We turn the stories of individuals and families into beautifully written and illustrated narrative books, as well as other historical items like timelines and videos. We can create books about anything, from a single chapter in your life or profile (Short Stories to Last) to a full-length personal biography.

We do everything—from the first conversation to the delivery of the printed book—guiding you through the process personally and managing the production ourselves. The result is a professional quality book that you and your family and friends will treasure for generations to come.


Our process

We work with you to understand your goals, timeline and budget. Then we take your raw material and recorded interviews and craft them into page-turning stories in logical sequence that capture the authentic voice and tone of the subject forever.

•A Getting to Know you meeting & optional pre-interview questionnaire
•Research & fact checking
•Creative & clear writing
•Editing, proofing & revision to your satisfaction
•Organizing, scanning, sizing, enhancing, & creating captions for photos and archival documents
•Book layout & design
•Printing, binding & delivery

You don’t need to wait for an anniversary or big birthday to capture and tell your story. Drop us a line, and we’ll let you know if starting this project now makes sense and what it can look like.

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Wow! My step-father sent me his book yesterday and I ended up reading the entire thing in one day! I couldn’t put it down and now feel like I know so much more about my beloved step-father’s life. Thanks for doing this and kudos on a great job.
— Dan Hoard, Austin, TX
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Parent Profile Headline

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