Short Story to Last

We don’t live forever, but our stories can. If you record them in time.


I call the phase of life I’m in the “Bookend Years.” On one end, my parents are moving into old age and need more care. On the other end are children who need college tuition and a full refrigerator. Yeah, there’s budget considerations.

If you’re on a tight budget for whatever reason or just don’t want to invest a lot into your family stories, don’t let that stop you! Capture an elderly person’s stories while their memories are still intact!

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All Stories to Last books and materials are customized to suit you. Consider creating a shorter book, based on two or three hours of interview, illustrated with a few pictures. Or have us use our expertise to interview and record full life stories now and create a full book later. Or order the written transcripts of the interviews lightly edited.

Most importantly, get those stories while you can. For organizations and businesses, this is equally true for charter members, company founders and early clients and charitable recipients.

Not doing this with my grandparents was one of my motivations for starting Stories to Last.