How much does a book cost?

Every book is custom made, so every project is priced differently. But no matter what the project, the costs are divided into two buckets: production costs and printing/delivery costs. Production costs depend the amount of research material and content, hours of interview, the length and size of the book, and the number of photos included. Printing and Delivery costs depend mainly on your choice of hardback versus paperback, internal color versus black and white (our covers—or jackets—are always in full color), the length and size of the book, the number of books ordered, and how they are delivered. Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll discuss your goals, vision, expectations, and your budget and then let you know your costs will be.

How long does a book take?

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How can I see examples
of your books?

Go to the Our Books page and then click on any button to see one of our beautiful books.